Collapsable Interface

Had heard of this before, but hadn’t seen the video. Looks like an interesting direction for tangibly interacting with screen media. Would be great to see a selection of different collapsable tools (particularly ones for manipulating sounds!)
[via: Make]

2 thoughts on “Collapsable Interface”

  1. tom
     ·  Reply

    What I find the most interesting about this video is the idea of headtracking + tabletop interfaces… not so the collapsible stick.

  2. Pete
     ·  Reply

    in which case have you seen the Nintendo 3DS console?
    it uses a similar perspective-shift technique as this video (and Jonny Lee’s work) but uses eye tracking so no headmounted tracker/LED’s are needed… will be interesting to see the eye-tracking technique scaled up to a full tabletop system!

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