Culture Lab Visit + Waves VJ

I visited the Newcastle Culture Lab in Newcastle last week to work on a set of Cultural probes with Madeline Balaam as part of the PATINA project (more info about the probes on the PATINA blog!).
While I was there I was given a demo of the Waves VJ multitouch system by Jon Hook. It’s a synthesis based VJ system where multiple generative elements are added and combined to create complex 3D images. I was impressed by the ‘jog-roller’ on the left of the screen that lets you cue and play the synthesised patterns in time with the music. More info here and on Jon’s homepage.

video link: YouTube – Waves – Multi-Touch VJ Interface

C3 Loops demo

One of the demos that stood out at the NordiCHI’08 conference was ‘C3 Loops’ by Rikard Lindell. I took some video of it in action and have just got round to editing it and getting it online. The interface is a single-point touch screen that allows users to navigate around a virtual plane playing both audio and visual clips. The corkscrew motion that you make to zoom in and out was particularly fun.
Rikard’s homepage is here:
This video is available on both Vimeo and Youtube.