Robin Price’s “Journey Through a Burning Brain”

The video above documents Robin Price‘s “Journey Through a Burning Brain” installation, as shown at the TWO thousand + NINE symposium held in SARC last week. The simple exterior appearance of an old TV and oversized remote control hides a complex two-laptop system that harvests YouTube video’s based around a keyword, before segmenting the videos and rearranging them with a Euclidean rhythm generator, finally spitting out the visuals through a Rutt Etra video synth. Using the remote, you can select different videos which in turn influences which videos are being downloaded in real-time during the installation. For more info visit the original post by Robin.

BeatBearing on BBC newsline

The BeatBearing appeared on BBC newsline (Northern Ireland) on Tuesday. The online article contains a streamable clip of the extended feature, or you can download it from here:
Download small version – 6MB (same video as above)
Download large version – 40MB

Thanks to Chris Page (shown above) for organising, filming and editing the interview!

BeatBearing on UTV

I had an interview on UTV last Thursday where I talked about the BeatBearing project and gave a brief demonstration. You can watch it above, or download it here:
Download small version – same as above (9MB)
Download full size version – (65MB)
There is also an online article.

Thanks to the UTV crew (shown above) for doing the interview – Sinead Johnson, Gary Mawhinney, Ashley Harris and Brian Newman. This was my first interview for television, and they did a great job of making it less nervewracking than I thought it may be!