I hope these guys win the 555 contest for making this punch-tape synthesiser. I’ve always though about making something like this during my PhD as it’s a great example of the tangible manipulation of music.

A music player like this definitely wouldn’t be out of place in A Clockwork Orange burbling away like a portable Wendy Carlos Moog rig.

[spotted on the Make Blog]
[video: YouTube – 555 Contest Entry – Synthanola]


Great way of directly connecting with sound.

“This interactive sound installation deals with exploring the physical connection between people and technology. A tangible user interface, taking the form of a glove is worn by the participant as they are invited to interact with an analogue tape surface. As the glove comes in contact with the tape, sound is generated and can be manipulated via touch and movement.”

More info and photos here: http://signaltonoise1.blogspot.com/
[via: Synthtopia]