C3 Loops demo

One of the demos that stood out at the NordiCHI’08 conference was ‘C3 Loops’ by Rikard Lindell. I took some video of it in action and have just got round to editing it and getting it online. The interface is a single-point touch screen that allows users to navigate around a virtual plane playing both audio and visual clips. The corkscrew motion that you make to zoom in and out was particularly fun.
Rikard’s homepage is here:
This video is available on both Vimeo and Youtube.

BeatBearing Interactive demo at NordiCHI’08

You can download the paper that accompanied the interactive demo of the BeatBearing at NordiCHI’08 here:
(clicking on the images above gives you a jpeg preview and not the real thing)

At the moment this is the most complete description of the BeatBearing project to date. Hopefully it helps explain the theory and also why I’m creating a sequencer that doesn’t even play 16th notes!
I managed to take some good video footage of the BeatBearing in use at NordiCHI too, so hopefully I’ll get it edited and posted soon. Until then I’ll post some pictures of the new BeatBearing to whet your appetite.