Just been tipped off about this flying ball-bearing music machine (thanks Ben!). Would be great to combine this with the BeatBearing somehow, there’s a lot of possible design variations…

BEARINGS GLOCKEN is a musical instrument that automatically performs a glockenspiel using steel ball for bearings, said to be the world’s most perfect sphere on earth.
The steel ball is finished into a nearly perfect sphere, and has the property of uninformly bouncing back, over and over.
BEARINGS GLOCKEN uses this property in a musical instrument.

Project website:

Duo Contour

Attended a Duo Contour concert in the Sonic Lab. Here’s some blurb from their website:

“duo Contour was formed in 1998 by the American percussionist Lee Ferguson and the English trumpeter Stephen Altoft following their participation on the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music, where they performed as soloists and as an ensemble. duo Contour have successfully collaborated with composers, artists and dancers, and have extended their performances through improvisation and new technologies.”

The duo played a mixture of jazz and soundtrack pieces. The instruments used included micro-tonal trumpet, percussion/drums, and a xylophone and marimba played simultaneously to mimic the rare xylorimba.