Group meeting

Met with PhD group. Main outcome of meeting is the decision to create a scrubber-like interface over the next couple of weeks as a group effort. Hopefully this will involve a fair bit of programming practice. Will apply Sile’s three rules of interface design:

1) Figure out task of interface.

2) What sensory cues are needed? (audio? visual?)

3) What technology is needed to realise interface?

Monday Meeting

Things to be done this week:
1) Read embodied mind material for fridays reading group.
2) Set up blog for the group.
3) Continue honing project description/proposal.
4) Possibly develop a musical demo for Alex’s inertia sensor.

First PhD meeting

First meeting in the SARC PhD lab. Tasks for this week:
1) Start an annotated bibliography, probably using endnote.
2) Write a one page abstract, to start clarifying what my PhD project will actually involve. The current title is “Techniques for analysis of multi-modal sensor data for gestural control systems”.
3) Not really a task, but generally to read up on encative interfaces.