Robin Price’s “Journey Through a Burning Brain”

The video above documents Robin Price‘s “Journey Through a Burning Brain” installation, as shown at the TWO thousand + NINE symposium held in SARC last week. The simple exterior appearance of an old TV and oversized remote control hides a complex two-laptop system that harvests YouTube video’s based around a keyword, before segmenting the videos and rearranging them with a Euclidean rhythm generator, finally spitting out the visuals through a Rutt Etra video synth. Using the remote, you can select different videos which in turn influences which videos are being downloaded in real-time during the installation. For more info visit the original post by Robin.

“Ground Me” Sonic Art MA installation

Just attended the first of the MA students installations. Javier Jaimovich’s “Ground Me” takes place in the Sonic Lab. As you enter you are confronted with a series of metal pipes and chairs hanging from the ceiling. When you touch one of the pipes at the same time as either the labs metal grid floor, or one of the hanging chairs, you effectively ‘ground’ the signal, and a loud electric shock sound is played. This proves to be remarkably effective, and the first few times you make contact, it feels like you’re actually receiving a small electric shock, even though the voltage used is so low there’s no chance of being able to feel this (except perhaps by grounding with your tongue, which was observed a few times). Other interesting ways of playing the installation involved holding hands between people to provide a longer chain to reach the tubes suspended higher up.

Wire and Balloon Installation

Helped Tom Davis install his piano-wire, balloons, motors and piezo installation in SARC‘s sonic lab. Piano-wires were strung vertically between the floor panels and the lighting-rig each with a balloon attached to act as an amplifier. Each balloon had a piezo (contact mic.) attached to it which were used to drive the motors to pluck another balloons string. Complex feedback occurs when a balloon or string is touched by the audience.

Nick Ward’s exhibit

Visited Nicholas Ward’s exhibit at the The LAB (Foley Street, Dublin 1). It consists of two sheets of metal being electro-plated whilst being suspended on a balance, so as one sheet gains weight from the electroplating it dips further into the solution. Both sheets have a solenoid mounted on them which can set up vibrations on the plate which can knock off some of the excess electroplating. Two piezo’s and two loudspeakers add extra feedback and complexity…