Arduino controlled DAC (& 303)

Robin Price
, a colleague in the SARC PhD lab (and co-conspirator in making acid-house & improv) has started a new blog documenting his work. Currently the blog shows his work on making an Arduino-controlled DAC, allowing you to send smooth (non-PWM) voltages into your 303, x0x-box, or other voltage controlled synth. The video demo is shown above, and the blog can be found here:


Have finished a very simple prototype of the “beat-bearing” interface. Ball-bearings are used to complete a circuit by being placed in the indentations. The aim is to create a tangible sequencer that will allow a user to construct a beat by placing the ball bearings on a grid of these indentations.
Given that the 3-ball prototype is too limited for use as a sequencer, it is currently being used to mute individual tracks in Ableton Live (drop the first ball in for a kick-drum and snare, second for the hi-hat, and third ball for the bassline). Even though it is limited it’s good fun to use.
The next stage will involve building one that has eight indentations which will allow for drum sequencing… (see diagram above)