Rec/Play Pen

I like the simplicity of this project by Oscar Diaz and Yuri Suzuki. One pen is filled with magnetic ink and has a record head that trails the line you draw. A second pen has a play head, that can play sounds from the magnetic lines. I spotted this project on the PixelSumo blog. More information and pictures can be found on the project page: here. Video below:

3 thoughts on “Rec/Play Pen”

  1. Pete
     ·  Reply

    Apologies var_z (I’m guessing Oscar?)… My mistake, I hope you’ll find the problem rectified in the post, with your link added.
    I would like to add though, that although I will occasionally be lazy with checking references, I never copy & paste unless it is a direct quotation with reference!

    Still, thanks for taking the time to point this out – and I’m liking your other work!

  2. Eliza Divine
     ·  Reply

    HAH! How much do you want to bet that that’s going to be in the next Bond movie? I’d love to be able to leave two different messages in ink…one written, one verbal.

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