Bjork + Reactable + Lemur

Bjork is using both a Reactable and a Lemur on her new tour, have a look above for a video of her on Jools Holland. The Reactable is a tangible user interface that allows multiple users to interact with a synth/sampler using small perspex blocks, and get visual feedback directly from a projection through the table. The lemur is also a multi-touch interface, although it is a lot more compact and you use your fingers to interact with it.

3 thoughts on “Bjork + Reactable + Lemur”

  1. Jessica
     ·  Reply

    But Bjork wasn’t playing the reacTable. Whow was? I can’t find this information anywhere and I’m tired of the musicians who play with Bjork not getting any credit. I’d like to hear the work of these other extremely talented musicians as well.

  2. Jessica
     ·  Reply

    OK. It turns out it was Mark Bell from LFO on the Lemur. But the reacTable?

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