video of first BeatBearing MAKE project

This is the first video I’ve seen of a completed MAKEzine BeatBearing. Many thanks to ‘awolfe63‘ for putting this up. Another BeatBearing build is being documented in this blog: anyone has any other BeatBearing videos (including unfinished projects) please send me the link!
Also, if anyone is looking for tips, or has some of their own to share, then please have a look in the forum:

BeatBearing on BBC newsline

The BeatBearing appeared on BBC newsline (Northern Ireland) on Tuesday. The online article contains a streamable clip of the extended feature, or you can download it from here:
Download small version – 6MB (same video as above)
Download large version – 40MB

Thanks to Chris Page (shown above) for organising, filming and editing the interview!

Prepared Radio

Here are two videos of Robin Price‘s audio-visual radio installation. The top video shows just the visualisation and the lower video shows the whole installation being used. Robin is a colleague in SARC and is working on database-driven musical interfaces/instruments. The radio installation shown here builds a database in real-time of sounds from the radio, which are then placed back in the radio-stream as the user plays with the radio.