PhD Thesis!

Here’s a late christmas present for you all… I’ve finally got around to
putting the PhD thesis up on my website! If you’re interested, or just need a quick and surefire method of sending yourself to sleep, then you can either visit my website here:

or you can download it directly from here:
Pete’s PhD Thesis

…the title is “The Control and Representation of Time in Tangible User Interfaces”


(photo credits go to Gus Sutherland for the pic above)

PhD thesis printed-on-demand

I decided to try out Lulu’s print-on-demand service as a cheap way of binding the (undefended) PhD thesis, and just got the books through, about one week later. I’m really pleased with the result, especially given each one only cost £3.75. I used the `Crown Quarto’ size stock to get maximum width for the margin notes, and the LaTex typesetting seems to have done the trick at keeping everything neat and well-spaced.
Will have to investigate hardback binding for doing the final version after the viva (and inevitable corrections).

Thesis Word-Cloud

The 500 most common words in my thesis (excluding very common words and numbers)… 30 seconds looking over this and you should be half way to understanding what my thesis is about!

[click on the cloud for HUGE version]