BBC radio interview

Was interviewed this afternoon by BBC radio Ulster about the BeatBearing project. Apparently it should be appearing in tomorrows `What’s Next‘ program at noon (with a repeat on Monday at 19:30). One benefit of the interview was that in preparing the demo I’ve managed to get the BeatBearing to sync fairly reliably with Ableton Live – a feature that’s always been a little shaky before. I’ll attempt to get the video evidence of this up soon!

Radio Interviews

A couple of new radio interviews with me talking about the BeatBearing:

  1. Morning Ireland” on RTE. This interview also includes my PhD supervisor Sile O’Modhrain and SARC colleague Mark McKeague. Mark talks about his Twitter radio project – I’ll include the video below. Thanks to Eimear Lowe for doing the interview. You can download/listen to the interview here: [mp3] or [stream]
  2. Phantom Daily” on Dublin’s Phantom 105.2 fm. In this interview I get to waffle on about the Tenori-on, acid house and free jazz amongst other things BeatBearing related. Thanks to Róisín O’Dea and Simon Maher for the interview. You can listen/download the interview from here: [mp3]

p.s. More info on Mark’s Twitter Radio in this BBC story

Kugeliger Klangcomputer

I had a telephone interview last week with Deutschlandfunk, a German national radio station, for their science and technology program. There is an accompanying online article, and there is also an mp3 of the interview. Google translate comes in handy for a translated version of the article.
I like the translation of BeatBearing to “Kugeliger Klangcomputer” or “spherical sound-computer”. It’s definitely got a good onomatopoeic ring to it.
Thanks goes to Frank Groteluschen for the interview.

BeatBearing on BBC Radio Ulster

Last Friday, after the BeatBearing was shown in the Irish News newspaper, I was invited onto the ‘Arts Extra’ show on BBC Radio Ulster. This experience has made me realise quite how difficult it is explaining a tangible interface to a radio audience. I’m also glad it wasn’t a live broadcast, as the BeatBearing decided to stop working half way through the interview and needed some coaxing (and a reboot of Ableton Live) to work again.

If you’re quick, you can catch the whole show using ‘listen again’ on the BBC iPlayer:
The BeatBearing section starts around 10 minutes into the program. Otherwise you can listen to just the section on the BeatBearing here:

Many thanks to Conor McKay for organising the interview, and to Kim Lenaghan (pictured above) for the interview itself.

Prepared Radio

Here are two videos of Robin Price‘s audio-visual radio installation. The top video shows just the visualisation and the lower video shows the whole installation being used. Robin is a colleague in SARC and is working on database-driven musical interfaces/instruments. The radio installation shown here builds a database in real-time of sounds from the radio, which are then placed back in the radio-stream as the user plays with the radio.