Antonio Camurri

Attended seminar by Antonio Camurri visiting from the university of Genoa. Interesting work investigating multi-modality (including the MIAMI project), but mostly focusing on realtime video tracking/analysis. Also involved in the TAI-CHI (Tangible Acoustic Interfaces for Computer-Human Interaction) and ENACTIVE.

Roger Dannenberg

Saw Professor Roger Dannenberg (Carnegie-Mellon University) give a seminar on “Music understanding by computer”. His research mostly consists of developing methods for score-following, and musical accompaniment. The problem that I had with the research is that it is concerned with replicating tasks that humans are already good at (such as the musical accompaniment) whereas I am more interested in augmenting human abilities to achieve something beyond what is currently possible.

Rajmil Fischman

Attended a seminar given by Rajmail Fischman entitled “Real & Virtual Landscapes in Electroacoustic Music”. He talked about the use of mimetic vs artificial sound in electroacoustic composition, and backed this up with some graphs of how a soundscape progresses through time amongst other things.