the Loud Objects

Saw the Loud Objects on the last night of NIME. Was an impressive performance involving live soldering on an overhead projector. Apparently they only use digital chips, so the whole thing is digital until it goes into the mixer. Reminds me of the Breadboard band although a little more hardcore. Worth going to see!

Jan Trutzschler

Attended an electoacoustic showcase in the Sonic Lab. The blurb and playlist is below. Sergio Luque’s ‘dirty’ electroacoustic sound was good to hear, compared to the usual quieter electroacoustic fare.

Sound Artist, radio producer, software and interface developer Jan
presents a session of works created in Holland by a new wave of
dutch electronic composers. Jan Trutzschler has been a long time
contributer to the SuperCollider language adding several functionalities to
the common distribution, including MIDI, HID-service (usb controller) and
various graphical user interfaces.

Low Life
“New Multichannel Works from the Netherlands (The Hague).”

Kees Tazelaar – chroma
Sergio Luque – que gigantes?
Jan Trutzschler – 991 hPa
Jeff Carey – structural unit
Jan Trutzschler – oxygen
Henry Vega / Jan Trutzschler – improv

Panchanan Sardar

Saw a performance by Panchanan Sardar on Sitar with accompanying Tablas. Was an amazing performance, definitely going to consider dropping digital music in favour of real instuments! He also had a Q&A session after in which he played a couple of traditional Irish songs, which worked surprisingly well on Sitar. His explanation of the Raga was interesting, he used the metaphor of learning a Raga being like a scholar learning a body of work. Each Raga performance is then similar to an essay by the scholar, where the same body of learning is presented, but it is never exactly the same, much in the way that no essay is the same.

record spinning interface

Just started a prototype of a new interface. A ‘Shake’ device containing accelerometers, magnetometers, bluetooth and capacitive sensors is strapped to the center of a 10″ record, allowing the user to perform vertical wireless scratching… At the moment the angle of rotation is computed as shown in the animation, but currently this isn’t hooked up to the circular sound-wave shown above. More to follow soon.