PhD Thesis!

Here’s a late christmas present for you all… I’ve finally got around to
putting the PhD thesis up on my website! If you’re interested, or just need a quick and surefire method of sending yourself to sleep, then you can either visit my website here:

or you can download it directly from here:
Pete’s PhD Thesis

…the title is “The Control and Representation of Time in Tangible User Interfaces”


(photo credits go to Gus Sutherland for the pic above)

Have set up a project site for the BeatBearing:

The main feature is a forum for sharing tips on making your own BeatBearing. The aim is to add more content over the next month including links to academic papers, similar projects, and hopefully details of other peoples BeatBearing projects now that MAKEzine vol.17 is out!

David Merrill’s Siftables

Spotted David Merrill’s Siftables project in the New Scientist yesterday, then came across this talk he gave at TED. I like the idea of using the Siftables as a music controller/instrument, but I think too much functionality is being packed into each device. Perhaps the music-Siftables will get really interesting when each block is smaller and cheaper, so that you could use a few hundred of them at the same time.
Below is a video of just the music application:
Siftables Music Sequencer from Jeevan Kalanithi on Vimeo.

Percussa Audiocubes

Someone’s finally got round to releasing a cube based musical interface! ( Although at first glance it looks similar to the PETECUBE they seem to have a very different approach in actual interaction, in particular the use of multiple cubes for control. A nice feature is it looks like they can be used without a computer to both generate sound and also apply effects. Watch the video below!