Peter Bennett is a post-doc researcher in human-computer interaction at the Bristol Interaction & Graphics Lab ( His research is driven by the aim of joining the virtual world of ‘digital bits’ with the real world of objects, and in doing so allowing people to interact with computers physically through these Tangible User Interfaces. In particular, Peter’s PhD work investigated the role of time in tangible interfaces, something that he has continued to explore in the PATINA project.

Peter has a multidisciplinary background, moving from Cybernetics, to art and design, through to musical instrument design. This mixture of experiences formed the basis of his work on the ChronoTape, ChronoTable and ChronoThings projects. Previous projects have included: BeatBearing (, a drum machine with ball bearings for notes; Hap-Kit, a virtual drum-kit that you can feel; and SensaBubble, a scented soap-bubble display. Other ongoing collaborations and interests include the development of magnetic pixels, slow technnology, teleporters, robotic origami, lo-fi haptic displays and ‘resonant user interfaces’.