(17) cloud

[top right] Service based concept. An object is 3D printed and delivered to your door from ‘the provenance cloud’

[left page] If the object you are reading is slowly worn and destroyed by the interaction does it become more valuable?

(16) mug

[top right] Using actual patina (such as coffee stains) as a basis for an interface.

[top left] Trying to work out where ‘meaning’ enters the picture. Interesting conversation developed around the concept of dogs and holiday gifts.

(14) design space

[right page] A few design space parameters. Speed of interaction. Speed of reading. Business-like or game-like?

[left page] Conversation in pub with Henry. This was an actual transfer of ideas using the simple technology of pen and paper. This sort of interaction is going to be hard to better!

(15) domino

Exploring the domino concept. Can abstract glyphs on dominos (or a device such as a Siftable) be used as a basis of exploring and combining concepts?

[left page] Design space scale for whether the patina you generate is useful to yourself or other people.

(13) scales

[right page] Doodles around a conversation with MikeF about the ideas so far. I can’t quite remember what the scales idea was, but I remember it making sense at the time…

[left page] Notes by Henry on epi-psychic consciousness….

(12) tangible briefcase

Lots of object based sketches on these pages. Bulldog clips card things. Containment of non-machine readable information with a header. Luc’s post-its. Concept cards.

[middle left] First sketch of the relationship calculator. Using concept cards as input.

[top leftish] Tangible briefcase caddy for various research objects.