Have set up a project site for the BeatBearing:


The main feature is a forum for sharing tips on making your own BeatBearing. The aim is to add more content over the next month including links to academic papers, similar projects, and hopefully details of other peoples BeatBearing projects now that MAKEzine vol.17 is out!

Physical Sketching Slides

I’ve given this talk a few times now. It started with an introduction to physical sketching for a workshop on stylistic interaction at the Tweak festival in Limerick, and then has been modified slightly for presentation to MA students in SARC. This is the most recent version, and contains a short exercise at the end for using physical sketching in the explorative design stage of a novel musical instrument.

The talk is based upon Bill Buxton’s book “Sketching User Experiences”.

The BeatBearing is used as a design example, to help illustrate the difference between sketching and prototyping in the design process.

Kugeliger Klangcomputer

I had a telephone interview last week with Deutschlandfunk, a German national radio station, for their science and technology program. There is an accompanying online article, and there is also an mp3 of the interview. Google translate comes in handy for a translated version of the article.
I like the translation of BeatBearing to “Kugeliger Klangcomputer” or “spherical sound-computer”. It’s definitely got a good onomatopoeic ring to it.
Thanks goes to Frank Groteluschen for the interview.

BeatBearing on BBC newsline

The BeatBearing appeared on BBC newsline (Northern Ireland) on Tuesday. The online article contains a streamable clip of the extended feature, or you can download it from here:
Download small version – 6MB (same video as above)
Download large version – 40MB

Thanks to Chris Page (shown above) for organising, filming and editing the interview!

BeatBearing in the Times Online

An article on the BeatBearing is in the Times Online. Thanks to David Sharrock for the interview, and Alan Lewis for the photos (which I think are only going to appear in the print version, which should be out in the next couple of days). You can view the article here:

BeatBearing on UTV

I had an interview on UTV last Thursday where I talked about the BeatBearing project and gave a brief demonstration. You can watch it above, or download it here:
Download small version – same as above (9MB)
Download full size version – (65MB)
There is also an online article.

Thanks to the UTV crew (shown above) for doing the interview – Sinead Johnson, Gary Mawhinney, Ashley Harris and Brian Newman. This was my first interview for television, and they did a great job of making it less nervewracking than I thought it may be!

BeatBearing on BBC Radio Ulster

Last Friday, after the BeatBearing was shown in the Irish News newspaper, I was invited onto the ‘Arts Extra’ show on BBC Radio Ulster. This experience has made me realise quite how difficult it is explaining a tangible interface to a radio audience. I’m also glad it wasn’t a live broadcast, as the BeatBearing decided to stop working half way through the interview and needed some coaxing (and a reboot of Ableton Live) to work again.

If you’re quick, you can catch the whole show using ‘listen again’ on the BBC iPlayer:
The BeatBearing section starts around 10 minutes into the program. Otherwise you can listen to just the section on the BeatBearing here:

Many thanks to Conor McKay for organising the interview, and to Kim Lenaghan (pictured above) for the interview itself.

BeatBearing in the Irish News

The BeatBearing is featured in an article on page 5 of the Irish News today. The title is “Scientist beats Bush, Britney and Paris Hilton all hands down” referencing the number of hits the BeatBearing YouTube demo recieved. You can read the article by clicking on the image above, and the online version is here. Thanks goes to Rose Baker for writing the article.